Kesten and his men.

Currently agents of the Green Marshal who live at Oleg's


Kesten resides at Oleg’s on assignment from his lord the Green Marshall who controls the region to the north and west. He and all of the six men under his command are each guilty of some form of honor crime or blemish. They each volunteer to be assigned to the Greenbelt in the hopes of dying with honor.

Kesten himself is a minor noble but had an affair with a low-born women that produced a child.


Seth covered up a crime committed by his younger brother.

Faile became an enforcer for a city gang to pay of his gambling debts.

Taren accidentally killed a civilian while breaking up a tavern fight.

Decime fell asleep on guard duty which resulted in the escape of prisoners.

Fabian seduced a temple virgin.

Titus took bribes to change patrol route.


Kesten and his men.

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