Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Meeting the Sootscale Kobolds

Upon the return of our heroes to Oleg’s they discover the community in an uproar. Apparently only days before during some festivities two of the settlers’ teenagers ran into a glen to be “alone.” Unfortunately they were interrupted rather violently, as Jhod was found standing above their bodies covered in blood the settlers presumed that it was him who attacked them and proceeded to stone him. Our heroes interrupted his punishment and proceeded to investigate the matter. After questioning the youths involved they discover that Raelish, the girl, was hiding a young Kobold she found after the attack. The kobold, Tar-Tak, informed our heroes that he had been abducted and left at the scene, he was thankful for the care Raelish had given him and offered to show our heroes where he lived. Tar-Tak was also able to shed some light onto the political situation of the kobolds. Apparently the previous year his tribe, the Sootscales, were having some issues with another Kobold tribe, the River Runners, and destroyed the tribe. After a day of travel our heroes find the Kobold den and return Tar-Tak to his faily, his fater Tar-Tek is the chief of the tribe and is very grateful for his son’s safe return. As thanks he offer our heroes each an armband from his tribe, to show that they are friends of the tribe and offers his older son Tar-Tuk as an indentured warrior and guide. Tar-Tek also invited the party to stay for some festivities where they learn a great deal about the Kobolds and begin to suspect that a plot it afoot. The attack on the teens may have been orchestrated to start a conflict between the Kobolds and the settlers just as the conflict between the River Runners and the Sootscalers may have been. Though both Mite and Kobold tracks were found at the scene of the attack these species typically hate each other. Later our heroes discover that a Mite was being held in the den as well. This Mite was behaving oddly, evily even, and seemed to like the prospect of being held by the Kobolds. Something about the Mite physically seemed to be more gnomish and Maax believes that he may be a reincarnation spell gone wrong but the Mite refused to speak to anyone though he did attempt to hurt himself while confined. Later during the night the den was attacked by a horde of Mites.

XP: 2365


Erictono Erictono

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