Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Kressle and her camp

After interrogating Shayll our heroes learned the location of Kressle’s camp along the Thorn River. With the assistance of three of Kesten’s men. our heroes succeeded in ambushing the camp. All of the bandits were killed however our heroes were able to take Kressle alive and retrieve her ledger and map of other bandit groups. Kressle also gives our heroes some inside information on The Stag Lord which may become useful.


Stag Amulets – 3
Masterwork Longsword
Short Sword – 4
Leather Armor – 7
Masterwork Dagger – 3
Masterwork Handaxe – 2
Lamellar (leather) Armor – 2
Fine Liquor (20g) – 8
Furs and Hides (150g)
Music box (90g)
Earrings (150g)
Oil Braizer (15g)
Map of Greenbelt Bandit camps
Ledger of Bandit Activity
275g in coin


Erictono Erictono

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