Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Tatzyworm Den

Before our heroes can set out to the swamp a severely wounded hunter, seemingly the only survivor of a large hunting party, is found by some local shepherds. Following his trail it seems the group was set upon by a pair of Tatzyworms. Our heroes follow the trail back to the Tatzyworm den, after a viscous battle the adult Tatzyworm are killed as well as a number of young worms, however it would seem that some of the young must have already left the nest and may still be in the area. Fortunately some of the hunting party were found alive and returned to the city.

Meeting Beldame

As our heroes continue to explore the regions around the Tuskwater lake they come across a small decrepit farm and hut. Rumors abound that an evil witch lives in the area who steals children. Upon entering the farm through the gate our heroes soon realize more is going on than they originally suspected. The farm is inhabited by Beldame, a part fey, whose family has resided in the area for generations. She is able to give a great deal of information about the regions south of the Tuskwater. Beldame is also a devout followed Shelyn and had some interesting information concerning a follower of Zon-Kulthon in the area and the pups taken in by Lin and Parthinia. After departing our heroes stumble across a troop of gnomes. Although the Gnome leader is rather rude he possess an enormous map collection and in exchange for working on maps agrees to become a citizen of the city and continue to make maps for our heroes.

Worgs, Wolves and Werewolves

Our heroes continued on the trail of the Worg, Howl of North Wind, and his pack. However it seems that some magical force is help or potentially commanding the Worgs. Unfortunately the Worgs ventured into a swamp where it was impossible to track them, a quick investigation of the swamp lead to the discovery of six mutilated young Worg bodies. The Worgs had been partially skinned while still alive and the each had a brand on the heads of two eyes with a chain going through them. Leaving the investigation of the swamp for later our heroes returned to their hunting expedition for the Kobolds. The wolf pups being cared for by Lin and Parthinia continue to improve but seem to be more than normal. During the night Maaz begins to glow green, awakening the rest of the party, without much explanation he quickly packs to return to the city. Our heroes ride through the night and just before day break discovers the remains of a young Sheppard boy from the city. Following the clues and rumors taken from the population our heroes discover that a Mercenary hired to escort some settlers has contracted lycanthrope. He is quickly found and cured but the larger issue of the Worg, who may be the source of the curse, is still to be resolved.

Later our heroes continued their exploration of the Greenbelt, south along the coast of the lake. A glimmering light attracts the attention of our heroes and leads them to a small lagoon. A local fisherman seems to have been attacked by a large snapjaw turtle that quickly attacks our heroes. Though the turtle did not appear magical an elemental gem of water was found to be the source of the light inside the lagoon.

Founding a City and Kobolds vs Worgs

Word has come from the Swordlords that our heroes triumph over the Stag Lord has earned them a new charter. Rather than just explore and enforce our heroes have been granted the right to rule the region by creating a new Barony. In the following weeks the Baron grows to encompass the immediate area surrounding the Stag Lord’d fort where a new city is being builds. Once construction is under way our heroes set off the check on the Sootscale Kobolds who have relocated to a new cave south of the Shrike River. However the move did take a lot out of the Kobolds winter stores of food. Our heroes offer to assist the Kobolds with their next hunting trip. Unfortunately during the first night of the trip the entire camp was awoken by a perfectly timed cry of a pack of “wolves.” The Kobolds say this is not the first time this has happened and many of their hunter have not returned after such instances. Fearful of the Kobolds safety our heroes send them back to their cave and decide to hunt down these “wolves.” It becomes clear quickly that at least one of the wolves is actually a Worg, following the tracks left at the camp leads our heroes to a cave where the tracks split. While most of the party goes to investigate the cave, to attempt to kill the Worg, Bastion and “Junior” follow the second trail. Unfortunately the Worg flees rather than fight and calls for a small pack of other Worgs who had been guarding the den down the second trail. Investigating the den demonstrates the truly evil capabilities of the Worg pack, the den held two young female wolves and six wolf pups all savagely attacked by the Worgs. However three of the pups are still struggling for life and are saved by Parthinia Watershade and Lin.

Dwarves and Ants

XP: 5,160

Our heroes return to Oleg’s after defeating the Stag Lord only to discover that some of the settlers have recently come under attack from a group of dwarves. Seeking out the dwarves leads to the discovery that a scam is underway. One of the dwarves has lead his fellows into the greenbelt under the guise of the inheritor to the mines and he has stolen their life savings. Once the truth comes out the dwarves are promised ownership of the mines in exchange for services and support. However before they can enter the mine supplies must be ordered and the mine must be secured. Returning to the mine leads to the discovery that it has been overrun by winter ants which our heroes, with some difficulty, eradicate. Though how they came to the greenbelt is still a mystery.

Secrets of the Stag Lord

Our heroes, exhausted from defeating the Stag Lord briefly attempt to rest before discovering that closing the fort’s gate seems to have alerted whatever evil is beneath the fort to their presences. As all the undead begin to swarm the fort a corpse like figure attempts to emerge from the cellar. Through the effort of Parthinia, Max and Re the walls manage to hold against the undead while Lin, Modric, Mazz and Aesca charge into the cellar. There they find a cloaked figure, who later takes a literal bite out of Modric, after the figure is dispatched it become clear that this was the reanimated body of the Stag Lord’s mother. Despite the fact that she is said to have died over 20 years ago and still looks recently dead without any signs of aging, curious. As soon as the morning comes our heroes depart the fort to go in search of the third group of men that entered the greenbelt from the River Kingdoms. Though they are easily located it is a little harder to try and convince the sum hundred men to leave without a fight. Re, Lin and Modric head off to investigate a suspicious dust cloud headed towards the rendezvous point. Through the intimation, bluffs and diplomacy of the party a battle between the newly arrived troops of the Green Marshall and the River Kingdom men is narrowly avoided. However it becomes clear that the captain of the Green Marshall’s men had intended to take credit for the Stag Lord’s defeat and is not eager to praise our heroes. Following the avoided battle our heroes send the local hunters back to Oleg’s ahead of the Green Marshall’s men to ensure that no misinformation is spread while they quickly return retrieve the loot from the Stag Lord’s Fort and toss the Stag Lord’s body into the Shrike River where it is promptly dragged down by the ghost of Davik Nettles. Left of the beach is a small chest full of silver (converted to gold below), a pair of magical bracers, a ranseur and a mysterious pair of creepy silky gray gloves. Then, taking the Stag Lord’s head and helmet our heroes return to Oleg’s, sending of the head to the Swordlords as proof of their effort.

11,110 worth of gold and misc jewelry.
22 Platinum
potion of cure light wounds (4);
potion of cure moderate wounds (4),
potion of lesser restoration (2);
4 silver Stag Lord amulets worth 20 gp each
masterwork studded leather,
1 rapier,
daggers (3),
silver turquoise earrings worth 130 gp each,
masterwork chainmail,
heavy steel shield,
+1 longsword,
composite longbow (
2 Str) with 20 arrows
3 1 magical beast bane arrows,
silver holy symbol of Erastil,
+1 leather armor,
masterwork longsword,
+1 composite longbow (
2 Str) with 20 arrows,
amulet of natural armor +1,
stag’s helm
+1 ranseur
+2 bracers of Armor

Stag’s Helm
Aura faint divination; CL 5th
Slot head; Price 3,500 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This striking helmet is crafted to resemble the skull of a
mighty stag. Although made from bone, the antlers and
helm are as strong as metal. When worn, the helm greatly
enhances eyesight and hearing, granting a +2 competence
bonus on Perception checks. In addition, once per day the
helm may be called upon to enhance any ranged attack
made by the wearer to make an insightful shot. Activating
this ability is a free action, and once activated, your next
ranged attack against a target within 30 feet is made as if
that target were flat-footed against you—this allows a rogue
to gain the benefit of sneak attack with this shot. If you don’t
make a ranged attack within 1 round of activating this power,
the insight fades and is wasted for that day.
A worshiper of Erastil who wears this helm may utilize the
insightful shot ability up to 3 times per day.

Facing the Stag Lord

After tracking the column of men through the forest our heroes discover that the group has split into three separate groups. After following and defeating the second group our heroes manage to uncover the plot a plot to destroy Oleg’s as part of a scheme from someone in the River Kingdoms to retake the Greenbelt. Our heroes send word through the faeries to warn Oleg’s and request help from the Green Marshall’s men and then race to cut off the Stag Lord before he can meet up with the group of mercenaries and soldier from Pitax. A map taken from the captured men leads to a hidden door into the Stag Lord’s fort. Though the Stag Lord forced are fierce our heroes manage to eliminate his forces at least those above ground anyway and the Stag Lord Himself. Though one rather large brute may have escaped out of sheer stupidity and strength.


160 gold
13 Heavy warhorses
2 Light horses
4 mw spears
4 mw combosite bows
13 long swords
4 mw leather armor
5 mw plate armor
12 leather armor

Garuum and Ubagub

After leaving the temple in Jhods hands our heroes traveled farther into the forest to continue their surveying of the the region. Two days into a new area the heroes must continue to deal with Bastion’s growing water obsession and the appearance of another giant frog. Without seemingly any reason why the party begins to viciously attack the frog. Others, cough*Bastion, decide to take a swim, unfortunately it the giant frog seems to have had a friend. Though Re, Lin and Maz attempt to pull Bastion from the water he is eventually pulled down. However shortly after the party allow the giant frog escape Bastion reemerges from the water with a small head wound. Later the party encounters Garuum, a boggard, who attempts to bribe the party with shinny stones to leave his “kingdom.” Our heroes reach a peaceful agreement with boggard and then depart, though his connection to a “bad woman” wearing a hood who left a piece of smooth greenwood matching the frog and eel ring is disturbing. Later our heroes discover an ancient statue to Erastil, cleaning the statue seems to bestow a blessing on the weapons of those who assist. As our heroes debate what to do next they come across the trail of what must be dozens of mounted men, very heavily laden though we don’t know with what, heading out of the forest.

Finding the Temple

As our heroes investigate the remains of the crossing and the buildings nearby Mordric uncovers the shattered remains of a sign. After being mended by Max the sign clearly reads “Nettle’s Crossing, 2sp, ring bell for service.” One bell ring letter the water logged and corpse, of who you assume is Nettle, rises from the river. Nettle tells you of his death at the hands of the Stag Lord and his subsequent cursing of the crossing, if his body can be be properly buried and the body of the Stag Lord tossed into the river he will undo his curse and award our heroes “the treasures he held in this life and some of what he has learned in the next.” After receiving an agreement to do so the spirit dissolved back into the river. Bastion is only too happy to help by diving into the river and retrieve the body, which carried the now recognizable nick in the back of the ribs. Our heroes continued on to the supposed den of the River Runner’s where they discover what can only be the lab of Gearsaw, former gnome. After dismantling several traps our heroes uncover the journal, spell book remnants, magical items and loot being horded by Gearsaw. Once the Kobold bodies are put to rest our heroes returned to Oleg’s. Aside from receiving some news about a recent criminal fleeing into the Greenbelt all is well. The next day with the addition of Jhod our heroes set out to locate the Lost Temple of Erastil, though the temple is well hidden our heroes eventually locate it by chance. The giant undead bear that our heroes had previously encountered was indeed the temple’s guardian and began to attack our heroes. The bear, once dead, dissolved into the body of a middle-aged man, covered in scares, before disappearing into the previously stagnant pond at the center of the temple. A brief search of the temple revealed a worn journal and a delicately wrapped woman’s wedding dress. The journal recounts the life of an unnamed Druid of Erastil, whose child was prophesied to be a great champion for Erastil. The Druid and his wife traveled to this ancient temple for their son to be born, unfortunately the Druid’s wife died in child birth. The entries after this slip quickly into madness, the Druid seemed to believe his child had been taken and replaced by a monster. He only ever refer to the child as “the boy” and how he frequently “questions” the boy about the location of his true son. Eventually the Druid seems to give up on finding his son and deciding that he must kill “the boy,” the last pages of the journal are specked with blood.


masterwork light metal shield,
seven +1 flaming crossbow bolts,
a pair of boots of elvenkind,
a plain brass wedding ring set with a single pearl
a pouch containing a single dose of dust of illusion.
a scroll of fly;
949 gp

The Mite Nest

Continuing into the Mite’s nest out heroes eventually locate the Kobold whose cries had driven them inside. Mik-Mek, a rusty brown colored Kobold claims to be part of the deceased River Runner’s tribe who has been held captive by the Mites for some time. The Kobold seems obsessed with locating some hidden item within the nest before he is willing to leave. Thankfully Modric is able to locate a hidden room inside the nest, seeming the quarters of Gearsaw, which contains several curious items, including a statue which seems to be what Mik-Mek was seeking. Re was also able to locate the Mite’s armory which was outfited with a number of stolen Kobold spears. Though our heroes do manage to kill several of the Mites in the nest it soon become apparent that a number have escaped with some of their eggs. As our heroes returned to the surface they soon realize the Mites have not only dug their way out but also managed to spook the horses into stampeding, there is no sign of “Junior” or Bastion. After the remnants of the Mite’s nest and the tree it was under had burned Tuskgutter the dire boar appeared near the heroes and seemed eager to lead them somewhere. Eventually he lead them to a narrow gully where the horses had fled to and a near dead Bastion. Reunited the party soon began to piece together more of what must have been Gearsaw’s plan for the region though a number of additional questions were raised. The statue rescued from his quarters seems to hold great significance for the the Kobold, being associated with some ancient Kobold kingdom and the return of even a single member of the River Runner’s tribe is seen as wonderful news to the Sootscale Kobolds. Upon returning to the Sootscales den our heroes begin convincing the Chief and the Elders to abandon the den, because of the taint left by Gearsaw’s plot, and find a new den elsewhere. Of course because of the risk associated with the move our heroes “valiantly” offer to protect the sacred statue until the tribe locates a new home. Eventually the tribe is convinced and our heroes depart to continue exploring. Four days later they encounter the remnants of a river crossing, near where the Kobolds had warned the “white man” dwells.


Statuette of Old Sharptooth
92 gp
Unknown Amulet
Carved map
Gnomish book remnants:
Journal entries
Pieces of Resurrection Spell
Spell of Comprehend Language
Spell of Cause Fear
Spell of Deeper Darkness
List of Needs and Haves


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