Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Departing Restov

For your various reasonings each of you has accepted assignment from the Lord of Restov to explore and cleanse the Greenbelt. A vast and wild region to the south of your civilized nation is the source of hushed rumors and uncountable mysterious deaths or disappearances. Before you depart the city the liaison for Lord Rey, Bastion, gives you a short briefing of what information is available. You are to depart Restov for Oleg’s trading post before setting of into the wild, you will be accompanied to the trading post by a middle aged merchant and his bodyguard.

Along the way to the trading post you spotted something just off the road, a brief investigation shows you that it is the remains of a missing platoon of Restov city guards, though they have only been listed as missing for a few days the bodies show that they had been there significantly longer and the patrol sent our only days before had not discovered them. Each of the bodies showed identical circular puncture wounds through the back of the plate armor on the right side, the rest of the journey passed uneventfully.

Once you arrived at the trading post you are met by Oleg and his wife Svetlana. Though they are at first fairly friendly it become quickly clear that they are not being entirely honest with you.
>You find four graves not far from the fort, two you are able to identify, one is clearly the son of Oleg and Svetlana and another seems to Sole Rey, the youngest son of the Lord of Restov.
>Also the majority and best of the supplies being held at the trading post have recently been pulled out into the center of the courtyard.
>Oleg is keeping a close track of the days on a lunar calendar.
>Svetlana is hiding her good spices and silver in the wall.
Events come to head at dinner where Oleg snaps and orders your party to be out of his home at dawn tomorrow.


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