Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Mite Interrogation

Although the Mites were mostly killed several were able to escape the attack on the Kobold den. Thankfully the Mite who seems to have been the instigator of the conflicts between the communities of the region was recaptured. After some rather backwards torture the Mite admits that he was once Gearsaw, a gnome mage apprentice, who was the victim of faulty reincarnation and either before or because of the incident has become determined to exterminate as many communities as possible, regardless of their race. He carries a tattered piece of leather with him, indicating 23 hash marks, in addition to four bone knifes that have been hollowed out to contain a rather serious acid. Our heroes saw the potency of one of these knife on a Kobold warrior, though little was left to examine afterwards. Thankfully, because of the sudden appearance of two new heroes Ri-Natuo and Q%$#(@-Lin, the mite was subdued and later questioned. Though Gearsaw claims to be no one’s servant he does admit that he was supplied with magic materials by the “Men of the Lake” at the command of “their master” presumably The Stag Lord. Gearsaw seemed to only be interested in his own death and taking as many with him as possible, though our heroes were interested in finding his lab Gearsaw proved to be too uncooperative and was “squashed.” Later the Sootscale Elders were helpful in pointing our heroes in the direction of the Mite’s nest and our heroes set out to exterminate them. Upon finding the nest the cries of a Kobold were heard by “Junior” (Tar-Tuk), the elder son of the Sootscale Chief, and our heroes. Proceeding into the nest our heroes came across the Hatchery of the Mite and rather quickly dispatched the giant centipede that guarded the eggs, as well as four other Mites.

Meeting the Sootscale Kobolds

Upon the return of our heroes to Oleg’s they discover the community in an uproar. Apparently only days before during some festivities two of the settlers’ teenagers ran into a glen to be “alone.” Unfortunately they were interrupted rather violently, as Jhod was found standing above their bodies covered in blood the settlers presumed that it was him who attacked them and proceeded to stone him. Our heroes interrupted his punishment and proceeded to investigate the matter. After questioning the youths involved they discover that Raelish, the girl, was hiding a young Kobold she found after the attack. The kobold, Tar-Tak, informed our heroes that he had been abducted and left at the scene, he was thankful for the care Raelish had given him and offered to show our heroes where he lived. Tar-Tak was also able to shed some light onto the political situation of the kobolds. Apparently the previous year his tribe, the Sootscales, were having some issues with another Kobold tribe, the River Runners, and destroyed the tribe. After a day of travel our heroes find the Kobold den and return Tar-Tak to his faily, his fater Tar-Tek is the chief of the tribe and is very grateful for his son’s safe return. As thanks he offer our heroes each an armband from his tribe, to show that they are friends of the tribe and offers his older son Tar-Tuk as an indentured warrior and guide. Tar-Tek also invited the party to stay for some festivities where they learn a great deal about the Kobolds and begin to suspect that a plot it afoot. The attack on the teens may have been orchestrated to start a conflict between the Kobolds and the settlers just as the conflict between the River Runners and the Sootscalers may have been. Though both Mite and Kobold tracks were found at the scene of the attack these species typically hate each other. Later our heroes discover that a Mite was being held in the den as well. This Mite was behaving oddly, evily even, and seemed to like the prospect of being held by the Kobolds. Something about the Mite physically seemed to be more gnomish and Maax believes that he may be a reincarnation spell gone wrong but the Mite refused to speak to anyone though he did attempt to hurt himself while confined. Later during the night the den was attacked by a horde of Mites.

XP: 2365

Graves, Frogs and Fairies

Our heroes begin to head south from the frontier to explore the plains west of the forest. Their first day in the region they discover an ancient grave site, protected by a skeleton and cryptic riddles. Inside our heroes find the remains of some type of ancient ruler, crown atop his head, a magical ax and ring in his possession though few other accouterments survived. Later our heroes rediscover the den of the ogres, Aesca Cyndred may have done something with their remains, we don’t yet know. On their final night of exploring the, strangely empty, plains the first watch spots a fire on the western edge of the forest. Further investigation leads the party to a hot spring invested with giant aggressive frogs, though Bastion was nearly killed by Parthinia the frogs were killed and the party earned the favor of Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash, two faires of the forest, who then impart a great deal of strange information to the heroes. However several of the party note Bastions enthusiasm for swimming in the lake or rather swimming at all after he volunteered to be bait with only Max’s armor and the ring from the crypt as protection.


Crown worth 30g
Gold Goblet and plate 25g
Battle ax +2 damage
Wood Rings – depicts an eel and a frog locked in a tangle, seems to drastically increase swimming speed and is currently stuck in Bastion’s finger.

Bandit Tracking and Converting

Using the map from Kressle our heroes locate one of the two bandit camps. While in route however our heroes have a brief, though non-violent, encounter with an unnaturally large bear. It seemed to be either scarred off by or inhibited from attacking our heroes for some reason. After knocking out the single guard at the camp our heroes created an ambush and through intimidation, diplomacy and minor, or not so minor, pain convinced the bandits to surrender peacefully and accept minor punishment. The bandits were taken back to Oleg’s and placed with settler families to serve out indentured servitude and manual labor. Later our heroes set off again to begin exploring the frontier shared with the Green Marshall in the north west of their charter area.


75g of pelts
110g of assorted camp goods
leather armor x8
short sword x8

Kressle and her camp

After interrogating Shayll our heroes learned the location of Kressle’s camp along the Thorn River. With the assistance of three of Kesten’s men. our heroes succeeded in ambushing the camp. All of the bandits were killed however our heroes were able to take Kressle alive and retrieve her ledger and map of other bandit groups. Kressle also gives our heroes some inside information on The Stag Lord which may become useful.


Stag Amulets – 3
Masterwork Longsword
Short Sword – 4
Leather Armor – 7
Masterwork Dagger – 3
Masterwork Handaxe – 2
Lamellar (leather) Armor – 2
Fine Liquor (20g) – 8
Furs and Hides (150g)
Music box (90g)
Earrings (150g)
Oil Braizer (15g)
Map of Greenbelt Bandit camps
Ledger of Bandit Activity
275g in coin

Orges and Hounds

Our adventures get word that a group of settlers on route to Oleg’s Trading Post have been attacked. As the only adventurer on hand Aesca heads out with the guardsmen to give what help they can. Later the rest of the adventurers arrive and all but Modric head out to catch up. The settlers inform our heroes in turn that they were attacked in the night and that two of their children who were on horse back have been lost in the forest. Our heroes head into the forest and eventually regroup before continuing on after the lost children, Kelson (9) and Amara (7). After dealing with one Ogre and half a dozen Goblin Hounds our heroes find Amara hidden in a tree. Just after dark our heroes come across the camp of the Ogres, the two remaining Ogres appear to be haggling with a human, in the company of three animated skeletons. A lengthy battle ensues but eventually our heroes are victorious and rescue both children. In addition they capture the human bandit to bring him back to Oleg’s.

XP 900
Secret stash of loot 118 gp,
2 x Scroll of Cure Light Wounds (25 gp),
Horde loot 1250 gp
Row Boat

Boars and Dwarves

As our heroes resume their exploring in the Greenbelt they come under attack from a giant dire boar who seems to have no fear of fire. While retrieving the horses our heroes also discover the hidden cache shown on the treasure map found earlier. After meeting with a local hunting troupe our heroes have identified the boar as Tuskgutter. They also receive word of a strange crevice in a hill nearby, some minor excavating reveals that it is actually the remains of a dwarfish mine abandoned, it would seem between 5 and 7 years ago. The dwarfs seem to have ridden giant dire boar mounts as they came from the far north and although our heroes found nine dwarf bodies strung up inside the mines they find no evidence of where the other dwarfs have gone.

XP: 1,000

Loot: 10g each
Party: anyone want to call anything?
Silver wedding ring 75g
spell book w/ 5 spells
masterwork hand axe
masterwork dagger
wand of burning hands CL 2 x4
boar’s head bracer (dwarf size) 100g
3 dwarfish log books
1 family tree

Spider's Den and After

The party begins to loot the spiders’ den and discover the body of a dead bandit, among other things. Due to the weight of the gold ingots and the potential use of the spiders eggs the party sends Aesca and Yingxi to Oleg’s and Bokken.

XP: 800
Loot: 10g
Leather Armor
Short Sword
Silver Stag Amulet (20g)
Treasure Map?
Gold Ingots worth 500g
Kobol Arm Band
4 bags of radishes to Svetlana to 250g
Bear Traps x9
Masterwork Hand Axe

Beginning to Explore

After looting the bandits camp the party heads back to Oleg’s, there they discover that Happs was able to escape. Later Fren and his body guard then depart the trading post to go back to Restov while the party heads out to begin exploring the Greenbelt. After eight days of travel the party has encountered a somewhat mad potion maker named Bokken, been tracked and attacked by a worg andfinally ambushed by a trio of giant spiders.

XP: 1,000
Loot: Worg Hide
Map of unknown mines
Miner’s scale

Bandits at the Trading Post

After learning the “truth” from Oleg, concerning his son’s death your party form a plan for dealing with the bandits later that night. Despite the mention of demons and fire from Oleg the bandits show up with only seven men and are quickly dispatched. Four of the bandits are left alive, including the leader a man named Happs who served in the Restov guard but took to extortion. Unfortunately it does seem that some of the rumors concerning the Stag Lord are true. Happs tells you all that he knows, how over a year ago the Stag Lord came into his camp, killing about half of his men, and set up a woman named Kessle in charge of Happs’ “troupe” of bandits. He knows that Kessle goes back and forth between other bandit troupes and the Stag Lord. Happs also tells your party about the events surrounding the deal of Sole Rey, however he also says that the Stag Lord took his body for a number of months before Kessle brings it back though the body still looked fresh.

From the gate of the trading post your party also sees the fire-y form of a stag and two bowmen watching as you dispatch Happs and his troupe. Happs tells you these are “the watchers” who serve the Stag Lord. Happs has seen the stag and the watchers at several times while in the wild, though the first time was while his men had camped near what he calls a pile of rocks in the forest though lore would suggest is may be the remains of a temple of Erastil. After questioning Happs your party decides to go after Kessle, hoping she is still at the bandit camp. Unfortunately when you arrive she has already fled. You do find one sick bandit and a scullery maid and a few stolen goods and supplies. Inside Happs’ tent you also discover an oil brazier, its remnant magical traces indicate that it is a means of communicating between servants of the Stag Lord.

XP: 850


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