Wizard with boundry issues concerning personal property


In Human form Ri is an un-assuming 5’4", with a slight build, light red hair, olive complexion, his eyes are his memorable feature Ri has salient green eyes.

In Kitsune form (don’t call him a fox) Ri’s height is the same as his human form, his fur is a deep dark red which quickly goes to black at his hands, feet, tail, and ears, his chest fur and the fur on the underside of his tail is a dark silver that tends to black also, his eyes stand out even more if possible in an emerald green.

Ri is 22 years of age at this point.

He dresses in nice (but not to nice clothing), basic traveler type garb. He will often have Black and gold colors somewhere on his person.

While Ri initially stayed mostly in human form with the party he has come to trust his companions (mostly) such that he will only switch to human form if it is necessary for something the party is doing .

Ri is normally armed with a short sword unless it would not be appropriate for social setting. Ri is always armed with two daggers concealed on his person.


Ri was orphaned at a young age, he does not remember his parents. Ri was raised by his Aunt (Akane Natuo).

Ri and his Aunt traveled from city to city staying in one place or another, never more than two years in a given place. His Aunt taught him how to be a Rogue, not for stealing (so much), but for moving unseen, disguises, breaking into places, acquiring information. She also started to teach him the arcane arts.


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