Bandit Queen - DEAD


Reyja is the wife of Darach, leader of the bandits that raided Modric’s family farm, slew his family, and enslaved Modric for ten years. At first Reyja appeared to be a typical (read: not a sociopath) mother who happened to have been forced into living with bandits. That perception was changed soon after Modric was captured … Modric told Reyja that he had seen Shayll steal loot from the plunder the bandits had taken from a travelling merchant … Rayja proceeded to beat Modric for attempting to betray her son, then drug him over to Shayll so he could beat Modric for spying on him, and finally told Darach that Modric had stolen the loot (resulting in a third beating).

Reyja seems to have been the instigator of capturing an enslaving Modric … he was typically assigned to work for her, taking care of whatever duties she didn’t want to do herself. As long as Modric performed his assigned tasks well, Rayja was not unusually cruel to him … but she did not hesitate to discipline him herself (or have Darach beat him, or both) whenever she felt he had not accomplished his tasks as quickly or as correctly as he should have.


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