Aesca Cyndred

Bastard-Born Cleric of Zon-Kulthon


Aesca’s mother was a noble lady of some substance, however, neither the Lady’s line nor her husband’s had ever borne the touch of celestial blood. With her infidelity marked in her son’s face, the two were disgraced and cast out. Divorced and disowned, she raised her son in poverty and bitterness. She never abandoned the tale that there had been no other, that he was blessed, and they innocent victims, but he quickly came to despise this fiction. It only turned their neighbors more against them, fueling hatred both of her false superiority, but also his shining eyes, his inhuman nature.

He aged too slowly, his lady mother, too quickly. One day when he was an adolescent, bitterness and casual malice turned to violence, and a group of drunken men beat him near to death. Broken, bleeding, and on death’s door, he was rescued by a priest of Zon-Kulthon. In the darkness of catacombs beneath the city, he was healed. After, he asked to be taken as an acolyte of the barb and shadow, and did not look back.

The basic tenets of the church of the Midnight Prince:
“Through pain I will be revealed”: Life is filled with illusions; gold, glory, a beautiful face… these are things we craft for ourselves to hold our fears at bay. Pain strips away the mask and leaves the soul bare to the truth. Never flinch from it.
“Suffering is my crucible”: Our trials forge us, not through feasts and finery, but through struggle. To live through pain is worthy. Pity the vain and the hedonist, who choose illusion over life. Do not succumb to bitterness or fate. With each cut are we strengthened.
“In darkness I find peace”: Night renews us. Without it, there is no day. Where light scorches, darkness soothes. What in light is judged, in darkness is accepted. Darkness is the home of peace; only in its embrace can we loose our agonies, our grief, our wounded worlds. Only in its quiet can we let ourselves heal.
“All life contains death”: We die while we live; the two cannot be sundered. In each soul the seed of life is matched by the seed of death in perfect harmony. Do not deny life, but neither can death be denied. Find peace in life and death.

Aesca Cyndred

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