Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Worgs, Wolves and Werewolves

Our heroes continued on the trail of the Worg, Howl of North Wind, and his pack. However it seems that some magical force is help or potentially commanding the Worgs. Unfortunately the Worgs ventured into a swamp where it was impossible to track them, a quick investigation of the swamp lead to the discovery of six mutilated young Worg bodies. The Worgs had been partially skinned while still alive and the each had a brand on the heads of two eyes with a chain going through them. Leaving the investigation of the swamp for later our heroes returned to their hunting expedition for the Kobolds. The wolf pups being cared for by Lin and Parthinia continue to improve but seem to be more than normal. During the night Maaz begins to glow green, awakening the rest of the party, without much explanation he quickly packs to return to the city. Our heroes ride through the night and just before day break discovers the remains of a young Sheppard boy from the city. Following the clues and rumors taken from the population our heroes discover that a Mercenary hired to escort some settlers has contracted lycanthrope. He is quickly found and cured but the larger issue of the Worg, who may be the source of the curse, is still to be resolved.

Later our heroes continued their exploration of the Greenbelt, south along the coast of the lake. A glimmering light attracts the attention of our heroes and leads them to a small lagoon. A local fisherman seems to have been attacked by a large snapjaw turtle that quickly attacks our heroes. Though the turtle did not appear magical an elemental gem of water was found to be the source of the light inside the lagoon.


Erictono Erictono

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