Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

The Mite Nest

Continuing into the Mite’s nest out heroes eventually locate the Kobold whose cries had driven them inside. Mik-Mek, a rusty brown colored Kobold claims to be part of the deceased River Runner’s tribe who has been held captive by the Mites for some time. The Kobold seems obsessed with locating some hidden item within the nest before he is willing to leave. Thankfully Modric is able to locate a hidden room inside the nest, seeming the quarters of Gearsaw, which contains several curious items, including a statue which seems to be what Mik-Mek was seeking. Re was also able to locate the Mite’s armory which was outfited with a number of stolen Kobold spears. Though our heroes do manage to kill several of the Mites in the nest it soon become apparent that a number have escaped with some of their eggs. As our heroes returned to the surface they soon realize the Mites have not only dug their way out but also managed to spook the horses into stampeding, there is no sign of “Junior” or Bastion. After the remnants of the Mite’s nest and the tree it was under had burned Tuskgutter the dire boar appeared near the heroes and seemed eager to lead them somewhere. Eventually he lead them to a narrow gully where the horses had fled to and a near dead Bastion. Reunited the party soon began to piece together more of what must have been Gearsaw’s plan for the region though a number of additional questions were raised. The statue rescued from his quarters seems to hold great significance for the the Kobold, being associated with some ancient Kobold kingdom and the return of even a single member of the River Runner’s tribe is seen as wonderful news to the Sootscale Kobolds. Upon returning to the Sootscales den our heroes begin convincing the Chief and the Elders to abandon the den, because of the taint left by Gearsaw’s plot, and find a new den elsewhere. Of course because of the risk associated with the move our heroes “valiantly” offer to protect the sacred statue until the tribe locates a new home. Eventually the tribe is convinced and our heroes depart to continue exploring. Four days later they encounter the remnants of a river crossing, near where the Kobolds had warned the “white man” dwells.


Statuette of Old Sharptooth
92 gp
Unknown Amulet
Carved map
Gnomish book remnants:
Journal entries
Pieces of Resurrection Spell
Spell of Comprehend Language
Spell of Cause Fear
Spell of Deeper Darkness
List of Needs and Haves


Erictono Erictono

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