Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Meeting Beldame

As our heroes continue to explore the regions around the Tuskwater lake they come across a small decrepit farm and hut. Rumors abound that an evil witch lives in the area who steals children. Upon entering the farm through the gate our heroes soon realize more is going on than they originally suspected. The farm is inhabited by Beldame, a part fey, whose family has resided in the area for generations. She is able to give a great deal of information about the regions south of the Tuskwater. Beldame is also a devout followed Shelyn and had some interesting information concerning a follower of Zon-Kulthon in the area and the pups taken in by Lin and Parthinia. After departing our heroes stumble across a troop of gnomes. Although the Gnome leader is rather rude he possess an enormous map collection and in exchange for working on maps agrees to become a citizen of the city and continue to make maps for our heroes.


Erictono Erictono

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