Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Founding a City and Kobolds vs Worgs

Word has come from the Swordlords that our heroes triumph over the Stag Lord has earned them a new charter. Rather than just explore and enforce our heroes have been granted the right to rule the region by creating a new Barony. In the following weeks the Baron grows to encompass the immediate area surrounding the Stag Lord’d fort where a new city is being builds. Once construction is under way our heroes set off the check on the Sootscale Kobolds who have relocated to a new cave south of the Shrike River. However the move did take a lot out of the Kobolds winter stores of food. Our heroes offer to assist the Kobolds with their next hunting trip. Unfortunately during the first night of the trip the entire camp was awoken by a perfectly timed cry of a pack of “wolves.” The Kobolds say this is not the first time this has happened and many of their hunter have not returned after such instances. Fearful of the Kobolds safety our heroes send them back to their cave and decide to hunt down these “wolves.” It becomes clear quickly that at least one of the wolves is actually a Worg, following the tracks left at the camp leads our heroes to a cave where the tracks split. While most of the party goes to investigate the cave, to attempt to kill the Worg, Bastion and “Junior” follow the second trail. Unfortunately the Worg flees rather than fight and calls for a small pack of other Worgs who had been guarding the den down the second trail. Investigating the den demonstrates the truly evil capabilities of the Worg pack, the den held two young female wolves and six wolf pups all savagely attacked by the Worgs. However three of the pups are still struggling for life and are saved by Parthinia Watershade and Lin.


Erictono Erictono

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