Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Finding the Temple

As our heroes investigate the remains of the crossing and the buildings nearby Mordric uncovers the shattered remains of a sign. After being mended by Max the sign clearly reads “Nettle’s Crossing, 2sp, ring bell for service.” One bell ring letter the water logged and corpse, of who you assume is Nettle, rises from the river. Nettle tells you of his death at the hands of the Stag Lord and his subsequent cursing of the crossing, if his body can be be properly buried and the body of the Stag Lord tossed into the river he will undo his curse and award our heroes “the treasures he held in this life and some of what he has learned in the next.” After receiving an agreement to do so the spirit dissolved back into the river. Bastion is only too happy to help by diving into the river and retrieve the body, which carried the now recognizable nick in the back of the ribs. Our heroes continued on to the supposed den of the River Runner’s where they discover what can only be the lab of Gearsaw, former gnome. After dismantling several traps our heroes uncover the journal, spell book remnants, magical items and loot being horded by Gearsaw. Once the Kobold bodies are put to rest our heroes returned to Oleg’s. Aside from receiving some news about a recent criminal fleeing into the Greenbelt all is well. The next day with the addition of Jhod our heroes set out to locate the Lost Temple of Erastil, though the temple is well hidden our heroes eventually locate it by chance. The giant undead bear that our heroes had previously encountered was indeed the temple’s guardian and began to attack our heroes. The bear, once dead, dissolved into the body of a middle-aged man, covered in scares, before disappearing into the previously stagnant pond at the center of the temple. A brief search of the temple revealed a worn journal and a delicately wrapped woman’s wedding dress. The journal recounts the life of an unnamed Druid of Erastil, whose child was prophesied to be a great champion for Erastil. The Druid and his wife traveled to this ancient temple for their son to be born, unfortunately the Druid’s wife died in child birth. The entries after this slip quickly into madness, the Druid seemed to believe his child had been taken and replaced by a monster. He only ever refer to the child as “the boy” and how he frequently “questions” the boy about the location of his true son. Eventually the Druid seems to give up on finding his son and deciding that he must kill “the boy,” the last pages of the journal are specked with blood.


masterwork light metal shield,
seven +1 flaming crossbow bolts,
a pair of boots of elvenkind,
a plain brass wedding ring set with a single pearl
a pouch containing a single dose of dust of illusion.
a scroll of fly;
949 gp


Erictono Erictono

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