Kingdom in the Making, Across the Greenbelt

Facing the Stag Lord

After tracking the column of men through the forest our heroes discover that the group has split into three separate groups. After following and defeating the second group our heroes manage to uncover the plot a plot to destroy Oleg’s as part of a scheme from someone in the River Kingdoms to retake the Greenbelt. Our heroes send word through the faeries to warn Oleg’s and request help from the Green Marshall’s men and then race to cut off the Stag Lord before he can meet up with the group of mercenaries and soldier from Pitax. A map taken from the captured men leads to a hidden door into the Stag Lord’s fort. Though the Stag Lord forced are fierce our heroes manage to eliminate his forces at least those above ground anyway and the Stag Lord Himself. Though one rather large brute may have escaped out of sheer stupidity and strength.


160 gold
13 Heavy warhorses
2 Light horses
4 mw spears
4 mw combosite bows
13 long swords
4 mw leather armor
5 mw plate armor
12 leather armor


Wha- wait, define MW plate? Breastplate? Fieldplate?

Facing the Stag Lord

Sorry Masterwork Breastplate.

Facing the Stag Lord

So, the only bonus from Masterwork Armor is reducing the Armor Check penalty by 1 … and normal Leather Armor already has an Armor Check penalty of 0 …

So if we are wearing Masterwork Leather Armor, do we get a +1 to all of our Dex and Strength-based skills???

Facing the Stag Lord

Oh my bad the MW is studded leather, sorry.

Facing the Stag Lord

Thanks! It’s no problem – only that MW Field Plate is 1350gp a pop, which seemed like quite a haul =P

(as an aside, MW leather is necessary if you want to make magic leather – or just look awesome! =D) =P

Facing the Stag Lord
Erictono Erictono

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